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Roof Truss & Posi Joists

MBC Roof Trusses

Roof trusses are considered one of the most efficient, flexible, and practical solutions for supporting roof systems as they are prefabricated off site, making them exceptionally affordable as they reduce labour costs and construction times. Prefabricated trusses are quickly craned into place on site, similar to how timber frame panels are speedily erected.


MBC Attic Roof Truss

Here at MBC Timber Frame we design, manufacture and supply engineered trusses, providing the structural frame to support roof systems. Our prefabricated trusses consists of individually engineered stress graded timbers that are joined together using toothed galvanised steel plate components. The toothed plates are hydraulically pressed to fasten the timber joints, ensuring the structural integrity of the truss roof. MBC roof truss & posi joists systems are engineered to meet the specific design requirement and criteria of individual projects.  


Hydraulic Press Fixing Galvanised Nail Plates To Truss Timber Members

MBC Posi Joists

Posi metal web joists are an engineered system that combines the beneficial elements of I-Joists with the practical advantages of open web construction. The posi joist sees parallel stress graded timber flanges, plated together with a precision engineered galvanised steel web component. The steel webs are plated in a ‘V’ formation, providing a lightweight structural joist that can span greater distances in comparison to a standard solid joist and allows for easy installation and access of services throughout the building. The depth, length and specification can be adjusted and engineered to produce joists with specific performance criteria throughout the building. 

Posi FloorPosi Joist Elements

Posi Joist Perpendicular To Wall

Posi metal web joists compliment each of our three MBC wall systems as they are quick to manufacture and install on site, similar to the timber structural timber frame wall panels. Posi joists can be used in both the floor and roof construction of a project. Sound performance within a building is greatly improved with the utilisation of posi joists, as they reduce vibrations and squeakiness within floors.  Material wastage is completely eliminated as each joist is designed and crafted off site in controlled conditions, guaranteeing superior product quality and attention to detail.

Posi Joist Parrallel To Wall

At MBC we manufacture our Posi Metal Web Joists in accordance with the MiTek Industries design requirements. The following clip details the versatility and benefits of Posi Joists in Timber Frame Houses.