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Passive Wall

The MBC Passive Wall system delivers a U-Value of 0.12W/m2K and is designed to perform to its optimum level when used in tandem with our Passive Foundation system. Intelligent design of the twin wall and foundation junction provides a break free, continuous barrier that essentially envelops the structure in a thick layer of insulation. 

Passive Wall & Foundation Junction

The wall structure consists of a 300mm Twin Stud Frame, faced with 15mm OSB board internally, and 12.5mm panelvent board externally. Both sheathing boards not only encase the timber frame and insulation, but also provide additional rigidity and strength to the overall structure.

300mm Frame

300mm Twin Stud Frame of MBC Passive Wall System

A breather membrane is secured to the panelvent boarding, while the internal 15mm OSB board is sealed with airtight tape at junctions, ensuring the house is completely airtight and draught free. 45mm timber battens are fixed to the OSB board to create a service cavity in which electrics and plumbing services can be fitted. To complete the Passive Wall System, high density Cellulose Insulation is pressure pumped into the wall cavity between the timber studs.

MBC Passive Wall:
– Significant energy savings, up to 90%
– Delivers extremely low U-Value, 0.12W/m2K
– Eliminates the need for a complex heating system
– Manufactured off-site, in controlled conditions, ensuring highest quality standards
– Airtight system eliminates draughts, resulting in minimal energy consumption
– Extremely quick to erect, lowering labour & machinery costs
– Suitable for all building designs and layouts
– Precision engineered to meet all building regulations in Ireland and the UK

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