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Passive Foundation

The passive foundation is a PassiveHaus certified system, designed to thermally encase the foundation in high performance expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation, which delivers one of the lowest U-Values currently available at 0.105W/m2K. A localised point in a building,where there is a break in the continuity or a penetration of the insulation is called a cold or thermal bridge. These bridges are most commonly found at wall and floor junctions.Crucially, the passive foundation system is also engineered to super insulate the wall and floor junction with precision detailing, significantly enhancing thermal efficiency and eliminating all cold bridges.    

Passive Foundation System

– Eliminates cold bridges
– 60% less concrete required lowering carbon footprint
– Strong structural base for timber frame
– Suitable for all site conditions
– Quick to install
– Cheaper to construct than conventional strip foundation
– Reduced wet trade on site
– Reduced labour & equipment costs 
– Internal load points accommodated
– Loads distributed more evenly in comparison to conventional strip foundation

Passive Foundation EPS

MBC Passive Foundation EPS Insulation Layout

Passive Foundation with Mesh

MBC Passive Foundation with Steel Reinforcement & Radon Barrier

2013-06-28 10.46.12

MBC Passive Foundation Concrete Slab Poured

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